My husband and I discovered Steven's work while vacationing in Prescott, Arizona in 2002. I had in mind, at the time, to find a turquoise wedding ring; however, not just any ring. I wanted to find an experienced artisan that specialized in making one-of-a-kind turquoise jewelry pieces. At the time, Steven was very busy with custom orders and provided his business card to me for future reference. In our travels across the southwestern United States, I continued to search for that special ring, but could not find what I was looking for.
Finally in 2007, I decided to call Steven and ask if he would be interested or have time to design my ring. He even remembered us, though it had been five years since our first meeting with him. I was so very excited when he agreed to commission the project. He approached the design of my ring by getting to know me. My husband and I felt so strongly about having Steven design my ring, that we planned our 2007 summer vacation around his availability to meet with us in Prescott.
I entrusted Steven with every detail of the design and materials for the ring. I am a nurse, so with that in mind, he recognized that the ring had to withstand the daily rigors of my profession. We left the jewelry shop feeling very confident that he would design my dream ring.
A little over five months later, I had the ring. My only request was that I receive the ring before my youngest daughter's wedding in June. This ring surpassed my wildest expectations. It is everything that I had hoped for and more. It was designed just for me, looks perfect on my hand, and makes me feel like I own an heirloom that will be passed on to my children.
I look forward to my next Steven Tiffany jewelry creation in the future. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a special one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. If you are looking for honesty, sincerity, creativity, and a passion for one's craft, Steven is that person.

Vicki and Patric Joyce
Edmond, Oklahoma


Steve Tiffany: Heritage Renewed

Steve Tiffany is one of the finest Native American style jewelry makers around. His work in gold and silver, in both traditional and contemporary styles, is invariably of the most pleasing conception and design and the most exacting attention to fine detail that it has been my pleasure to observe, forever blurring the distinction between well executed craftwork and high art.

Believe me, I have some idea what I'm talking about here because I have nearly forty years behind me as a professional anthropologist working in the American Southwest at the University of Arizona and in affiliation with the Arizona State Museum, during which time, as teacher, researcher, and as collector I have examined many thousands of pieces of Native American jewelry.

Additionally, I am well aware of the his distinguished family heritage among American jewelers, a heritage his work beautifully displays and carries on through the medium of Southwest Native American stylistics, the pathway that he has chosen to high art. And high art it most definitely is.

Moreover, you can wear it. Steve's approach is explicitly one of highly functional art; his masterpieces are carefully designed to be very comfortable for the wearer, which is no small trick to accomplish.

---Richard A. Thompson, Ph.D.


I have known Steve for fourteen years and have marveled at his maturity and selfless dedication to his work as a successful trading post manager. When I speak of Steve's jewelry creations as a goldsmith and silversmith, I say with utter humility and awe that I have been privileged to see workmanship that expands the meaning of "creative genius." You can teach technique. You cannot teach genius.

Lula Cooper,
Presidential Appointee to the John F. Kennedy Center,
Poet, Writer and Craftsperson


Looking for a unique, one of a kind, piece of jewelry? If so, Steven Tiffany is your jeweler. Combining client's ideas with his knowledge and talent, he creates jewelry with high quality craftsmanship and creativity.

When I see his work, I am amazed at his meticulous execution of stamp work, inlay and his many other techniques.

You will enjoy working with Steven to add that special custom piece of jewelry to your collection.

Janel Weaver

Prescott Valley, AZ


Steve is a wonderful craftsman and a great person to
work with. He is very creative in his work; and the work-
manship is impeccable!

Jesse Hummingbird